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Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine
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Dr. Bhola Nath

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The Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine (IJFCM) provide a forum for the rapid publication of topical articles on medicine and all clinical aspects of forensic medicine, community medicine and related specialties. The Journal carries definitive reviews, original communications, hypotheses, learning points of important issues, offering critical analysis and scientific appraisal. Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine (IJFCM) explore all aspects of modern day forensics, applying equally to children or adults, either living or the deceased. The range of topics covered includes forensic science, medicine, nursing, and pathology, as well as toxicology, human identification, mass disasters/mass war graves, profiling, imaging, policing, wound assessment, sexual assault, anthropology, archeology, forensic search, entomology, botany, biology, veterinary pathology, and DNA. The journal also seeks to publish quality research in the fields of Public Health, Community Medicine, Epidemiology, International Health, Reproductive and Child Health, Occupational Health, Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases, Family Health, Environment & Health as well as Demography. Forensic Science and Community Medicine presents a balance of forensic research/community based research and reviews from around the world to reflect modern advances through peer-reviewed papers, short communications, meeting proceedings and case reports.