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International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars
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Dr. Poras A. Patel

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IJPRS [International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars] brings a whiff of fresh ideas based on scholarly research work for all those who want to learn and share information pertaining to pharmaceutical industry. From research-based articles to scholarly reviews to short communication to case studies, IJPRS is a power house of in-depth information related to the pharmaceutical industry. Published every quarter [January, April, July, and October], IJPRS has a holistic approach for covering every aspect of pharmaceutical industry in original and authentic detail. Do your research, and if you�re looking for useful reference then look to IJPRS as your friendly partner. You will get more than you expect. It is not just an online source for information but an institution in itself because it is committed to the betterment of the society! IJPRS has demonstrated its claim for being the most sought after online source in the pharmaceutical field for more than a reason. Let�s take a peek into some of the glittering features of IJPRS to get a clear perspective as to what you would expect from this great online source.