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International Journal of Applied Research and Studies
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iJARS provides Quick and Simple publishing of articles in different areas of Agriculture, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Statistics, Microbiology, Medical Sciences, Psychology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy,Environmental studies, Law, Education etc. iJARS is monthly Journal, started in 2012, by Internationally renowned publishing house, iJARS Group. IJARS is supported by a highly Prestigious Board, consisting of delegates and distinguished research scholars across the world. The manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed by iJARS Editorial Board consisting of Scientific experts, Technocrats & Novel Literates; which imparts a higher value and holds utmost dignity for the authors. The Articles thus published in iJARS, are indexed in global referrals & gets referred by researchers spanning over 120 Countries. iJARS publishes & indexes articles within a time period of 15 days, such that every contribution is available to over million readers of iJARS upto-date & before it gets backdated, unlike never ending review processes.