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IP Online Journal is providing innovative, creative and effective collection of library e-resources to acquire materials for the libraries collections in the most timely and cost effective manner online journals and make them accessible. It’s specially designed for Library to provide e-journals including, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters, e-books, e-database, e-content, research article, case report, short communication, creative ideas. Its help to researcher students to promote your online digital resources for your library. Which provide full tax access of current and archives access of Journals with complete manuscript. Its presently has a massive database of journal literature in various subject category like Medical, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy. We offer customized subscription option based on single journal purchase, custom journal collection and pre-defined journal collection, single article purchase for institutional medical and dental library. We provide support to scholarly search society and academic institutions for helping them reach out to a wider audience. Innovative Journal provide simple and user-friendly interface right from submitting articles to accessing the published article.

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