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IP Online is a collection of e-Journals & e-Books gateway or Global Access to content by electronic modes. It is a digital platform that provide access to wide range of academic & research books along with journals also. It allows the users to access, browse, read and navigate full text articles from various institutions and publishers as well.

It’s specially designed for Library to provide e-journals including, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters, e-books, e-database, e-content, research articles, case reports, short communications, creative ideas etc. It allows the access of digital archive of current and past issues within a journal. We offer customized subscription option based on single journal purchase, custom journal collection and pre-defined journal collection, single article purchase for individual and institutional libraries. We provide support to scholarly search society and academic institutions for helping them reach out to a wider audience.

Our e-collection is simple and user-friendly, that promote an integral part of our scholarly mission providing high quality of content with greater impact factor, presenting innovative research for future advances. We provide and promote peer-reviewed content, that can be trusted within the community. We act inventively and responsible on the behalf of our publishing partners to experiment with different, sustainable open access business models. We regularly report on our findings of our partners and wider academic community.

Salient Features of IP Online Journal:

  1. Easy Search Functionality: This is providing the facility where users can search for specific articles, title, keywords, ISSN/ISBN or subjects to find relevant research books and scholarly articles.


  1. Alerts & Personalized folders : It notifies you at each and every step and you can save your favorite books and articles in your personalized folders for your quick reference lifetime.


  1. Abstract and Full Text: IP Online provides abstracts and full coverage of e-content and it also offers full-text access to a substantial number of papers and books, allowing users to read the same.


  1. Subject wise coverage: IP online covers a wide range of academic disciplines, including medical, dental, pharmacy, clinical, nursing, agriculture, health science and other multidisciplinary as well.


  1. Access to e-Journals: It will give access to the online version of the journals. The articles can be browsed, read, downloaded and cited also. It will be very helpful for the researchers or students in getting idea of any particular topic.


  1. Access to e-Books: The e-books can be accessed easily in an effective manner by using this digital platform. The book can be read anytime, anywhere with just a good internet connection.


  1. Individual & Institutional Subscription: This platform grants two types of subscriptions, individual and institutional. Individual subscription is for personal use while the institutional one grant access to whole department and library.


  1. Activation on IP Address: The subscribers will get the unlimited activation on IP address. It means by getting one institutional subscription, whole library can access the content and can login by using the IP Address only.


  1. User Statistics: The main user/head can get the users stats and report like what and how many times is being accessed in that institutional login/subscription. It is helpful in the case of libraries and institutional activation.


  1. 24*7 unlimited access: It gives unlimited access to the e-content 24*7 without any limitations and user boundaries. Anyone can access any subscribed content anytime.


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