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Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Author Details: Dr. Rehan Uddin, Dr. JS Rajawat, Dr. PS Naruka
  • ISBN: 978-93-91208-87-5
  • Speciality: Drugs

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About Book

Novel drug delivery system (NDDS) is an expression mainly associated with the formulation of new pharmaceutical forms which have optimized characteristics such as smaller particle size, higher permeability parameters, and selective site targeting. NDDS have played a crucial role in establishing nanomedicine over the conventional dosage forms. Therapies of several terminal diseases like cancer and immunodeficiency diseases where controlled and targeted therapy is required with minimum side effects. Novel substances are novel, or new, substances not previously identified by drug experts and include illicit drugs and counterfeit prescription medications. NDDSs are adopted to increase the bioavailability of the drug, reduce adverse effects and side effects, and increase drug stability. This book has been structured, written and arranged in such a way to provide very clear understanding of all the topics related to NDDS. This book is specially designed for B. Pharm 7th Semester, 4th year students and covers many aspects of NDDS for industrial and research development. In this text book we tried to arrange basics in concise and accurate form. Honestly, we believe that students should gain balanced knowledge of theory and practical of NDDS.

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