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Colors: Medicine of the Future Part-II

Colors: Medicine of the Future Part-II
  • Author Details: Prof. Sunil Agarwal, Rupali Agarwal
  • ISBN: 978-81-962763-0-0
  • Speciality: Color/Acupressure/Sujok Therapy

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About Book

It is important to mention in relation to the great interaction of cosmic energy, the theory of the five elements, colors intention of lays out the fundamental bases of his theory and his therapy. As Professor Sunil mentions, information is exchanged with the patient to obtain clinical data, however, an energetic harmony is created between therapist and patient, which is not only exclusive to the beginning of the therapeutic session, but at all times or the therapeutic moments.
Talking about tuning means working on the same frequencies, on the same wavelength, with the INTENTION of our being; For this reason, to guarantee this aspect, it is essential that the therapist also visualize what he suggests to the patient and establish schemes and deep energy ties to work with the biofields, the chakras and the energy of the meridians and colors.
Also by doing so, the therapist can better capture through his sensory hands, the imbalances, the flow of energy, the rhythm and the resonant acts themselves, which are a consequence of his action on the body and mind of the patient.
In this present book, the knowledge of the reader and therapists is enriched, and the efficiency with the color medicine of the respectable professor Agarwal continues to be verified, the wide field of action that he has within the office treating a wide diversity of ailments.
In a simple way we could say that under its own frequency each of the colors when applied to the skin interacts with the cells and their interaction generates the information that reaches the nervous system. Each color point has a certain resonance, the stimulation of an analogous point in the different holograms or the toning or sedation of a certain point, according to the theory of the 5 elements influences us in different areas and at different levels. However, what Professor Sunil Agarwal teaches us, with his Single point therapy color How to circulate heavenly energy in body and his relationship with points on various meridians and color medicine. Just by putting different color medicines on the same point you can treat many health issues.
We hope you continue to develop your research and complement and extend your therapy for our benefit and for anyone who requires and needs it.
Talk about Professor Sunil Agarwal is talking about intelligence, perseverance, responsibility, discipline, self-determination, generosity, but above all, consistency and wisdom.

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